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Healthy & Fit At Any Age: A guide to creating mindset, nutrition, and exercise habits for busy women!


This book is a guide to creating long-lasting mindset, nutrition, and exercise habits for busy women. Written by a nurse practitioner, this author transformed her life at age 59 proving that it is possible to become healthy and fit at any age. Working with her daughter as Coach Kat and Dr. Mimi, she is passionate about helping women change their lives.

The reader will learn how to create healthy habits and how to break unhealthy ones. This book is jam-packed with her “tried and true” tips/suggestions so you can get amazing results too. She emphasizes simple, easy steps as a winning strategy for achieving your goals and dreams.

You will also learn how to manage stress so you don’t crash and burn. Even if you are super-busy, you will learn healthy ways to cope with stress. She will also help you gain insight into how to develop a positive mindset and ultimately how to be more successful. She believes developing a positive mindset and self-image are critically important to achieving both your short and long-term success.

If you are ready to stop struggling and start changing your life today, this book is for you.

Dr. Mimi Secor invites you to join her community of like-minded women so you can transform your life and achieve your dreams and goals.

Healthy & Fit At Any Age

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