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Recommended by Dr. Mimi


Advanced Health Assessment of Women:

Skills & Procedure

by Carcio and Secor

Springer Publishing, Fourth Edition 2018



Fast Facts About the Gynocological Exam, a Professional Guides for NPs, PAs, and Midwives

by Secor and Fantasia

Springer Publishing, Second Edition 2018


Published Articles:

Bacterial Vaginosis: Diagnosis and Treatment

Women's Healthcare, August 2006

Download PDF


New Options for Treating the Symptoms of Menopause

Women's Health, July-August 2006

Download PDF


Preconception Healthcare

Clinician Reivew, July 2006

Download PDF


Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic


The Clinical Letter of Nurse Practitioners,

May 1997

Download PDF


Vaginal Microscopy:

Refining the Nurse Practitioner's Technique

Clinical Practice, 1997

Download PDF



Free Educational Resources:

CDC STI Treatment Guidelines 2015

Download PDF


CDC Contraception Guidelines 2016

Download PDF


ACS-ASCCP-ASCP Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines 2014

Download PDF

ASCCP Guideline Changes and Management of the Abnormal Pap Test—Accurately Targeting Intervention

Download PDF

I am an Areomedical Physician Assistant currently working with the Special Operation Aviation Regimen (SOAR), at For Lewis, Washinton. My practice is a combination of areomedical medicine and family practice. I had the pleasure of hearing Ms. Mimi Secor speak at the GAPA Conference in Sandestin, Florida July 20-21, 2010. Ms. Secor is a dynamic and energetic speaker with a great sense of humor. I walked away with knowledge that will enhance my practice and improve patient care. I am looking forward to hearing her speak again in the future."


Willie Binion

APA-C, Aeromedical Physician Assistant

Special Operation Aviation Regimen (SOAR)

I highly recommend Mimi Secor as a speaker! We met while I worked at Ther-Rx Pharmaceuticals and I was lucky enough to have her speak for me in Richmond, VA on prenatal care at the time. I can honestly say MiMi was the BEST SPEAKER I worked with that whole year! She keeps the audience engaged, delivers a fantastic message and

even memorized each attendees name! Keep in mind, I had 65 attendees at her presentation! She really 'wows' the crowd and delivers the key messages while keeping it entertaining. Many attendees praised her program and told me how much they truly enjoyed it versus other programs they attended in the past on various medical topics which were dull and dry. Many told me that if she ever comes to Richmond again, to make sure I invite them!


Sheila Hawkins

Account Executive

GenPath Diagnostics





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