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If you wish to book Mimi as a speaker or request an interview, visit her Media Ambassador's page for her most current activity in media.

Hologic Interview with Dr. Mimi Secor on Cervical Cancer Screening

The importance of cervical cancer screening.

ACOG Well Women Annual Exam Recommendations

ACOG recommendations for

'the well women gynecologic annual exam' 

Meet Me At The Riverside

Dr. Mimi talks about healthy lifestyles

Dr. Mimi Featured on Point Of Care Network
"Expert Series"

Dr. Mimi Secor speaks about Managing Extreme Stress.

ReachMD Radio Interviews

Click here to find all archived episodes of Dr. Mimi's national radio show,  "Partners in Practice" on ReachMD, the channel for health care professionals.

Latest Press Release

Congratulations to Dr. Mimi for being named one of America's Top 10 Nurse Practitioners in 2018.

Read more here.

Mimi in the News


8 Ways to Beat the Quarantine 15 Weight Gain

Practical tips every mom can use

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From Heavy to Hottie. 62 year old bodybuilder tells all

Dr. Mimi Secor, a 59 year old nurse practitioner, was overweight for over 30 years when one day her body-builder daughter Kat confronted her to be a better role model to other medical professionals. In only a couple of years Mimi lost over 35 pounds and 12 inches off her waist as she totally changed her physique through bodybuilding. Listen in to hear how she did it, as well as launching her new career at age 62.

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Practice What You Preach! A Healthcare Provider’s Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

As healthcare providers, we're constantly counseling patients on living a healthy lifestyle. But how often do we actually follow our own advice?

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What to Do When Intuitive Eating Just Isn't Sticking?

Intuitive eating sounds simple enough. Eat when you're hungry, and stop when you feel full (but not stuffed). No foods are off-limits, and there's no need to eat when you're not hungry. What could go wrong?...

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Mimi S flex.jpg

63-Year-Old Bodybuilder Publishes Book to Inspire Lifestyle Change

She's 63 years old, a mom of one, a published author and an Onset resident. Oh, and she's a bodybuilder. Dr. Mimi Secor may not be your average bodybuilder, but she is dedicated and wants to share her knowledge and experience with others in her new book, “Debut a New You.” She didn't get seriously ...


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Exercise and Obesity

Read Dr. Mimi's article about the role of exercise in prevention, weight loss, and maintenance of weight loss.

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62-Year-Old Makes Bodybuilding Debut

Dr. Mimi Secor stepped out of her comfort zone to get fit, and she wants to motivate others to do the same.

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Debut a New You: Transforming Your Life at Any Age

After working as a nurse practitioner for forty years, would you embark on a journey to debut a new you?

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Onset woman recognized as one of America’s top nurse practitioners in 2018

Secor is also a published author, a national speaker and an award-winning bodybuilder who made her “debut at 62” during the Battle of the Godz in Rhode Island.

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People Who Got into the Best Shapes of Their Lives after 50

Need a little motivation? These people will inspire you not just to live your best life at any age but also to seize the moment and achieve fitness you never thought possible.

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Kissing is Good for Your Health

That's where kissing comes in, says Mimi Secor, a nurse practitioner specializing in women's health at Newton-Wellesley Hospital in Massachusetts. “Kissing definitely helps people lower stress levels, ...."

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