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Dr. Mimi Secor

What is The SECOR Initiative?

A 12 month mentoring and educational program designed exclusively for the Nurse Practitioner who desires to be at the top of their game. 

Stand above the rest not only in your career, but by being the best you can be!

Master your health and physical fitness, sharpen your mental game, and provide "out of this world service" to your patients and practice.  An unforgettable journey that will change your life...Become a TOP NP!

What do you get?

- 10 Week Training: Health Mastery For You - $2,500  

- 10 Week Training: Nutrition Mastery For You - $2,500

- 10 Week Training: Women's Issues For the Top NP - $3,000

- 10 Week Training: Eliminating Stress For The Top NP - $2,500

- 10 Week Training: Creating Your Ideal Outcomes and Success - $2,500

- 10 Week Training on Time Management and Workflow for the Top NP - $2,500

- 2.5 Day Live TOP NP Retreat - $1250           

- Weekly Q and A with Mimi and/or Advisory Panel - Included

- Accountability and Chasing - Included 

- Certificate of Achievement from The Secor Initiative and Top NP

​​Total value: $16,750


$8697.00 paid in full - or -  12 payments of $839



Dr. Mimi Secor has been a clinical speaker and educator for Ther-Rx for several years. She is clearly one of the most engaging and informative clinical medical speakers that I have ever worked with. Mimi is a well known and respected expert in the field of women's health, and has particular expertise in the area of infectious disease. All clinicians in the OB field, nurses and doctors alike, have rated Mimi's events with the highest marks in terms of the clinical value and education she provides. She educates with the highest integrity, always toward the disease state and education centered around the women's health arena. She has helped Ther-Rx be highly regarded as a  company to clinicians through her contributions in clinical education in this field.


Kim McKee Staples

Director of Medical Sales



Mimi is a wonderful and talented speaker, she is very dynamic and captures her audience from the beginning. Her communication abilities stand out in a speaker/presenter type of setting. She knows how to entertain, educate and work her audience. The feedback I always receive after her presentation is "bring Mimi back". She will get you great results and is an expert in women's health. I highly recommend Mimi for your next speaking engagement.


Tim Fischer

Women's Health Specialty Sales

Ther-Rx Corporation





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